About Water I.T.

About us


Water I.T., LLC is a turnkey operation providing consulting, implementation and field service support for municipalities and construction professionals servicing water utilities in the USA. We are dedicated to providing customized solutions so our customers can meet their water metering needs to operate at optimum efficiency. With a combined industry experience of over 75 years, we have first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day challenges faced by utilities.

Mission Statement:

To assist clients in all matters necessary to comprehensively assess AMR/AMI options and solutions assuring successful system implementation as envisioned by our clients.  We shall focus our talents to provide the best path to a seamless AMI program implementation and to provide solutions for Non-Revenue Water (NRW) loss.   Our combined efforts shall demonstrate prudent environmental practices in water conservation.   We shall accomplish this with Integrity, Superior Technology, and a committed sense of Urgency for all of our clients AMI pursuit.

Best People:

  • Over 30 years of actual water utility AMI/AMR experience.
  • Managed over 2,000,000 water AMI Meter/MTU installations.
  • Our mission is to provide the best AMI within budget.
  • Our proven AMI project methodology ensures a smooth transition for all municipal department and external customers.

Best Products:

  • Patented ultrasonic solution, fully integrated register/endpoint technology Eliminates truck rolls for cut wires.
  • Transmits through water!
  • Quick and Easier Installation.
  • Industry Leading Ultrasonic Commercial Meters.
  • Real-time Alerts.
  • Licensed Frequency.
  • Easy to use Interface for Customer Service and Customers.

Best Value:

  • Accuracy warranties 50% to 100% longer than All competitors.
  • Prorated Warranty Replacement Cost Half of All competitors.